MBA Women Candidates

MBA female
MBA women

Gender parity for MBA women candidates reaches over 50% from USC Marshall

For the first time ever, the incoming class of 2020 will reach parity with slightly over 52% full time MBA women candidates. The entire women student population is 38% women.

Many business schools are trying to actively recruit MBA women candidates and figuring out where their gender gap begins. As a result, many MBA programs have examined closely their recruiting and marketing practices. The goal is to understand what Women MBA graduates will play in the paucity of women in top corporate positions. In 2015, 17.9% of MBA women held board seats on Fortune 1000 companies.

MBA women
MBA women

A few years ago, a report came out with the scathing investigation at Harvard Business School. The investigation on MBA women candidates  found women and men performed equally for actual test results. However, women lagged when it came to class participation, which accounted for 50% of their grades. The authors observation determined that single MBA women felt more pressure to choose between academic success or social success than their male counterparts. 

The economic study cited in the article that in one prestigious MBA program, the women’s average earnings fell below the average males earnings right out of graduate school. Over time, those earnings grew even more divergent.  

MBA female
MBA women

Other critiques of MBA women graduates pointed out they had fewer access to and interacted with less mentors and role models than men in their program during their graduate school.

There are non-profit consortiums of business schools out there that are constantly seeking to improve the ratio of MBA female students and striving to support their professional success.  Data collected supports an MBA for a female is worth the investment.

MBAchic syndicated an article for Women On Topp. Learn 10 tips for time savings and leveling up your productivity. It’s a must read for our MBA female candidates and graduates. 

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